Plug In

Get What You Want By Changing Your Mind

Many people have big dreams but very few actually believe they can make their dreams an actual reality. This course will show you how to create the future that you want now. We will use neural reconditioning techniques to knock down emotional barriers.

It is not the lack of resources that hold people back but the lack of resourcefulness

Do you have goals that you have been meaning to get around to? Are there certain areas of your life that are nearly perfect while you have other parts that you just can’t pull successfully together?  Maybe you have heard of the movie “The Secret” but it sounds like a whole lot of hooey to you. Or maybe you believe in the law of the attraction but have problems manifesting what you want?
Participants will learn how to take aligned action.     
  • Tackle beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • Get crystal clear on what we want to achieve.
  • Set goals that challenge you and stretch your comfort zone
  • Design and implement a game plan that directs you to achieves your objectives
  • Get tools that will allow you to stand on track in spite of day-to-day pressures and distractions
  • Achieve breakthroughs that will propel you to the next level

This course includes:

Access to a LIVE weekly, online, interactive group master class, where you will be able to actively participate.

A Plug In workbook to help you chart your progress.

Access to your classmates in a  Mastermind Group, where you will be able to trade tips and get even more feedback.

Videos, Mp3s and other practical tools to allow you to live your best life possible.