Idea To Income

The key to a dynamic profitable business is to lay down a great foundation.

Let "Idea to Income" show you how.

Do you:
  • Want to launch your very own business but are not sure where to start? 

  • Feel lost because you have already launched your product or program — but the profits are not coming like you thought they would?

Perhaps you are:
  • Fed up with working at a job that is not your passion, that is making someone else rich.

  • An entrepreneur who would love to bounce ideas off someone who has been there/ done that.

Have you:
  • Let fear stop you from creating your own business?  

  • Bought online programs but just ended more confused due to the lack of support?

Let us help you over any hurdles that you may face.

Real Online Support

“Idea to Income” goes far beyond the reach of regular online programs. There is no need to go it all alone. “Idea to Income” provides you with weekly LIVE coaching with Kay Layne.

Dynamic Group Support

“Idea  to Income” includes a mastermind element. “Idea  to Income” is a community of entrepreneurs, who will implement new tools and strategies to grow their companies. Together, with others you will thrive. Accountability is key.

Learn From the Best

“Idea to Income” is an interactive live online four month training program designed to turbocharge your company. This program has been created by Kay Layne with the help of industry leaders who will pop in to share their expertise.

Let's Dig In

Each week you will be given a module to help build a strong foundation for your business. By the end of the program, you will be given all the tools that you need to start an active, dynamic business.
Some of topics included:
  • Creating and Clarifying Your Vision
  • Identifying your market
  • Pricing your product properly
  • Creating an efficient operations plan
  • Developing an effective marketing plan
  • Making sure accountant loves you at tax time
  • Insurance doesn't have to be a bad word
  • Media Training- Refine your message, delivery and timing.
  • Researching Your Plan 
We know that as you implement the training from the weekly online Master Classes, you will probably have questions. That is why EACH week there is a LIVE coaching session, where your questions will be addressed. You will also be held accountable and get LIVE feedback.



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