I am in the business of helping people get clarity and truly achieve success.

My Story

I believe that with a little help, every individual is capable of greatness.

Over the past couple of years, I have worked with so many dynamic, bright people that just needed to get clear and get a little direction to achieve big goals.  While you must take action, it doesn't have to constantly hurt. You don't need to "hustle" and "grind" and wear yourself out.

I am driven to deliver programs that develop prosperous and empowered business owners.

After University, I worked for various companies in a Marketing Management, Communications and in Corporate Training capacity.  Then discovered that I had a love for start-ups because I could wear different hats each day. I thrived and so did the start-ups. Each one I worked for was bought out by a bigger fish. 

So I decided to head back to school to pursue a different passion.  (I didn't want any regrets on my death bed.)  I switched to Radio and Television Broadcasting. It was a hoot. I enjoyed being a Reporter and Television Producer for over a decade.

But all the while, I had the most curious side hustle. You see I started to help my friends launch their businesses. Initially, I did it just out of love; I did not want to see them to fail. The next thing you know, I worked with two friends who were so happy with their results that they told two of their friends. I worked with them, and then they told two of their friends, and so on and so on. Long story short, I had a thriving coaching business based solely on referrals. That is how this was born.

Business and performance coaching is a lot like sports coaching. In sports as in business, a coach pushes athletes to achieve optimum performance. A lot of the time this starts with the correct mindset. A race can be lost before it is even run.   I am here to help you get the best performance out of yourself and/or your company.  I have a big “toolbox of innovative instruments” to help you create solutions.  

Do you have a wonderful idea living in your head? Do you have a company that you have been working hard on, but not getting the results you know it can? Or do you have a passionate side hustle but have not been able to unshackle yourself from the proverbial day job?  Have you bought every book and program out there, but you still have not reached your goals? If any of these scenarios feel familiar, let us talk.

Aren't you ready to get to your greatness? Let's start building your empire.



Corporate Solutions

Business training is a hot topic these days. Many companies are realizing the myriad benefits of investing in their employees. This in turn helps with employee retention. More importantly, it can drive revenue growth. An efficiently-trained workforce makes better decisions, and seizes opportunities faster. So what may be seen as a small investment upfront results in more significant returns. If you are in need of corporate training, we can create customized solutions that fit your exact needs. Contact us and let us start building ways to help you succeed with results-based training.